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Optimize your health by Functional Medicine Pathology Testing

Functional medicine is a new way of looking at health. It can be helpful as it uses a different approach for managing and preventing complex, chronic illnesses. The main focus of functional medicine pathology testing is to treat the entire individual, rather than a bunch of symptoms.

Rather than just focusing on the symptoms of any disease,  functional medicine focuses on the underlying cause of disease. The approach mainly focuses on the bodily symptoms and their primary functions. It is a medicine by organism, not by organs and by cause, not by symptom.


Every human being has a unique biochemistry that is based on many factors such as environmental exposure to metals and chemicals, genetics, lifestyle, diet, and physical stress as well as psychological stress. It identifies our unique biochemical makeup and the potential for degenerative disease, so it can be prevented from happening.

Functional testing is a comprehensive health and wellness assessment of a specific part of the body. It is done by an experienced healthcare professional. To prevent and recover from disease, it is important to evaluate results from the health care professional. 

Functional testing doesn’t lead to a quick medical fix. It requires you to work with health care professionals to identify the problems that have been present for a long time. The healthcare specialists spends a ton of time with their patients to listen to their histories and evaluate the genetics factor that may play a role in the development of chronic disease.

How does Functional Medicine work?

The doctor spends time with patients. The professionals don’t just discuss medical symptoms, but also traumas, diet, exercise pattern and any other exposures to contaminants. The other factors that influence body functions include:
  • Lifestyle choices such as stress, diet, and activity
  • Environmental influences
  • Genetic makeup

Functional medicine is kind of a GPS system that is used to navigate the landscape of chronic disease. There is always more than one imbalance of a disease that needs to be treated. For example, obesity can be the result of diet, hormones, genetics, gut flora or exercise. It studies the complexities and the key is to restore balance in order to restore health.

Who should consider Functional Medicine Pathology Testing?

Patients with a wide range of disease can get the benefit of pathology testing for diseases such as:
  • Skin disorders: acne or eczema
  • Digestive disorders: ulcers, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic pancreatitis
  • Cardiometabolic condition: heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes
  • Autoimmune disease: lupus, celiac, and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Hormonal problems: chronic fatigue, menopause and thyroid condition

Functional Medicine offers a Customized plan that includes:
  • Stress management
  • Nutritional drugs or prescription drugs
  • Diet and exercise plan
  • Detoxification programs

So opt for a near by clinic in your area to get your chronic disease checked by the new approach of functional medicine.
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