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Steps for Successful Bathroom Installation

Bathroom Installation in Sydney is a multi-stage building process with several things to keep cautious about. There are many steps included which must be followed from zero to finish in proper order if you want to successfully install your new bathroom.

The first thing you need to decide today is what you actually need. Do you need a new bathroom installed or do you want to renovate your old bathroom? It could be re-tilling, refreshing of the paint or install a new shower. To make a decision as to what you actually need, you can consult with a bathroom supplier or people who provide installation services.
If you decide you need to install a new bathroom, then there are three main steps to do that; Removal, Installation, and Decoration.



Removal consists of stripping of wall and floor tiles. Once you have done that, then you can start removing the bathroom units like the sink or toilets. If your goal is affordable bathroom renovations in Sydney, so you should consider stripping of only those things which you can replace within your budget. Proceed with ceiling and wall removal only if it is absolutely necessary.


For the installation stage, you need to get started with new ceilings, floors, and walls. It is advisable that you do the electrical and plumbing almost at the same time. The reason is that if you do it later then you might have to bore holes or break parts of the walls for the wiring and that will give a bad look to the walls. When coming to the units like the bathtub, sink, and toilets, be sure to place them appropriately. Since you are reinstalling, try using a different arrangement than before.

Be careful to get done with the electrical work on time; shavers, lighting, under the floor heating and whatever you need in your new bathroom. After that, start plastering and finish with a waterproof sealant.


Take your time with decoration. Tiling, painting, accessories are the last step which requires all your focus because you worked really hard on your bathroom and now the decoration is where you wrap it up. Since you’re not going to reinstall your bathroom in quite a while so whatever the decoration is, it’s going to stay like this for a while.

Use different sizes and colors of tiles to create beautiful mosaics. Look for a shade of paint that matches the theme of the bathroom and accessories like taps, showers, and cubicles for the showers, all of it needs careful consideration and selection.
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