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Benefits of rolling solar screens

The use of solar screens in Tucson AZ is very effective. It is a window treatment that you can apply to your home, for stopping the heat and light. The good thing is that you can still see what is going around externally. Things such as window films, interior products, or awnings cannot compete with this product. They have a 90% shade factor, is incredibly pest resistant as it is made from a PVC coated polyester material.

So how do you decide which color to choose? The darker colors are more effective and also provide the best view. However, there is a wide range of colors available in the market. It is up to you which color suits you the best and you are happy with. The thing to remember is the darker the better. Next things to consider are the windows and doors you want to apply these things on.


Many companies will recommend you to have the screens coated on all the doors and windows of the house. However, it is a very misleading statement. Hence this recommendation must be taken into account. The recommendation consists of 3 points, as follows:

  • You must cover all the east and west facing windows in the house, this way solar rays will have minimal chance of intrusion in the house.
  • You should cover the south windows as well. It is really good to do so in the areas near the equator line.
  • However, north should not be covered if you are living in an area which is not close to the equator.

There can only be an exception in case the north side windows or doors are exposed to heavy sun rays. Solar screens can be installed on the outside of almost every window. On the other hand, rolling solar screens in Tucson AZ will need maintenance from inside. We cannot allow rolling screens to be placed outside the window or the door.

The greatest advantage of these screens is that they can be removed in the winter when you want to let the sunlight in. Plus, they work well even when windows are open for some work or cleaning. Additional benefits include the advantages in a home such as, there will be reduced carpet fading in your home.

The protection by the screens from insects, bugs, and pests provided even when the windows are open. It is good that you inquire about the company and the material before you hire and buy from them.
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