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Choosing between babysitter or a nanny

Nowadays people usually don’t get time for themselves after having babies. They carry their babies everywhere for them and don’t seem to get a break. Even if you leave your babies to get some time off from the mother care duties and want to spend some quality time with your husband or your friends, then you need to have a trustworthy babysitter or a nanny who would take care of your child’s needs. For your convenience, you can also hire baby sitting services in Breckenridge.


Babysitters are typically used for the person you hire for a limited amount for time. For example if you have to go for a meeting or a dinner party, you can hire a trustworthy person who can take care of your child in your absence. Most of the times, people look for someone from their friends or family because they are the people you can trust to take the responsibility of your children. A friend or a family member can also help you out on a very short notice.


However, there are parents who don’t want to burden their family members and they prefer to hire someone for a couple of hours and pay them a suitable amount. They look for other babysitting arrangements. They also opt for companies that are reliable and send trustworthy babysitters. These people are expert and have experience in tending to your child’s needs.

You can hire the babysitter for special occasions like date nights and functions etc. or on daily basis after school until you get home. If your children are a bit older then they can just play video games in your absence while the babysitter quietly monitors them.

People usually hire babysitters on contractual basis. You would have to pay hourly rates for the babysitter. There are many babysitters who also help you out for other things like gardening, cooking for children or washing up the dishes if they are compensated reasonably.

Nanny care:

This is another way of how you can manage your children with your job and social life. You can hire a full time nanny who is skilled and have acquired proper education about raising children. They are completely qualified in child care development and can even help you out with your children for many years. They tend to the children as if they were her own. Nannies who have worked with the family for long time becomes the part of it and are emotionally attached to the children they look after.

If your job is demanding and you need the services of babysitting more often, then it’s better not to hire a babysitter at all. Instead, you should hire a nanny because she would stay full time and the children would feel more comfortable around her too. They can also assist you with baby shopping, driving children around and basketball practice etc.

Nannies make schedules of children routines throughout the day so you won’t have to worry about them. They give children enough time to study, play and manage other chores as well. So if you have to choose between hiring a babysitting service or a nanny, it’s better to go for the second option.

Primary duties and responsibilities of nannies include physical, emotional and mental well-being of children in the absence of their mothers. Although the nanny arrives in the morning and departs for her own residence in the evening, she is referred to as a live-out nanny. But there are nannies that stay with the family which hires their services - called live-in nannies or au pairs.
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